Paulina Lagudi Ulrich is a film and commercial director known for her captivating storytelling and visually stunning productions. With a keen eye for detail and a deep passion for her craft, Paulina has established herself as a versatile director, seamlessly transitioning between narrative and commercial content.

Born with a natural talent for visual storytelling, Paulina embarked on her creative journey at a young age as a competitive dancer. She honed her skills at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts, and through formal education, earning a Bachelor of Arts for Theater at Chapman University. Armed with an unwavering determination, she set out to make her mark in the industry.

Paulina’s expertise extends to both narrative and commercial projects, where she has demonstrated her ability to engage audiences and capture their imagination. In the commercial realm, she has collaborated with renowned brands, such as Blue Apron, KLUFT & Aireloom Mattress, GOLO, City Year: LA, Franklin Covey, and Kevin’s Natural Foods. Her work with these companies has resulted in compelling branded and broadcast content that seamlessly combines creativity and product promotion.

In the world of narrative filmmaking, Paulina has directed several noteworthy projects that have garnered critical acclaim. She wrote and co-directed her first short film This Is How that premiered at the Holly Shorts Film Festival in 2016. She received multiple best director awards for her short film Dress at festivals such as LA Film Awards, Venice Shorts, and Top Shorts Film Festival.

Her ability to breathe life into characters and immerse viewers in captivating narratives is evident in her directorial debut feature film, Mail Order Monster. This heartwarming family adventure received praise for its poignant storytelling and strong performances, solidifying Paulina’s position as a talented director.

Furthermore, Paulina’s strong collaborative spirit have made her a sought-after collaborator in the industry. Paulina was hired as the writer for the true story, family feature film The Penguin and the Fisherman, which wrapped production in fall 2022 and stars Jean Reno.

Beyond her achievements as a writer and director, Paulina is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. She actively supports projects that promote underrepresented voices and narratives, seeking to break barriers and challenge conventions. Her commitment to inclusivity is evident in her work, as she consistently strives to create content that reflects the rich tapestry of the world we live in.

With a distinct artistic vision and an unwavering dedication to her craft, Paulina Lagudi Ulrich continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences through her innovative storytelling. Her passion for film and commercial directing, combined with her ability to connect with viewers on a profound level, ensures that her work will continue to captivate and entertain audiences for years to come.